Paul Duffy

Business Coach, Consultant, Non-Executive Director

During my career I have had the opportunity to work with organisations of all sizes in many different sectors and I am still passionate about contributing to their success. I have been fortunate in my business life – as I have worked as CEO, CFO and Business Development Director in the corporate world and also as an independent consultant and coach. This has enabled me to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge from the many countries and environments where I have been engaged which I now have the possibility to share with my clients.

My goal is to help you plan, manage and grow your business in a profitable manner and at the same time help develop your team and you in terms of skills, knowledge and decision–making.

Strategy & Business Planning

Do you know where you are going as a business? Are you in need of a strategy and business plan which will provide a clear pathway and direction for your business and your team? I will help you develop a comprehensive strategy and associated business plan which will allow you to focus on the important factors to grow your business.

Business Change

Would you benefit from a business review from a seasoned professional who could examine your business model, organisation, resources and finances and identify areas of change which would positively impact your profitability and cashflow?

Thinking outside of the box

Why not explore some lateral thinking about your business, the market place you are in and what might be possible? I will provide topics that will stimulate discussion on subjects that you may not have previously considered (i.e. acquisitions, selling in overseas markets, partnerships, etc.).

Your Pathway to Success!

I work with small businesses, larger companies, government organisations and charities – helping them be more efficient, customer-centric, profitable and responsive.

My background includes business turnarounds, international market development, raising funding, management training & coaching, business and organisational reviews, supply chain management, etc.

Acting as a third party consultant / coach I provide the sounding board and confidante role that a business owner/ CEO sometimes needs. (Being in charge of an organisation can be a lonely place!)

Free Business Coaching Call

Is your business suffering from a lack of direction?
Have you created a plan for the short, mid, long term?
Are you losing out to your competitors?
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